Location region opensim, Sim full perm opensim for rent

Rejoignez notre amicale française, sur la grille OSgrid, en louant votre propre region de 65536 m2, fini les limites de prims vous avez 15000 prims pour vos creations, nos regions opensim sont hebergées sur serveur linux ou windows. 
J'eveille votre curiosité ? Contactez moi par e-mail: sirin.peccable@gmail.com 
Ou venez par l'Hypergrid via cette adresse : "hg.osgrid.org:80:Agence SirinHGpole"
ou par Hypergate: "Agence SirinHGpole"

Rent sim: 65536 sq.m Sim, 15000 prims, Estate Manager, Full rights including terraforming, voice chat, 
Contact sirin Peccable on OSgrid.

SirinHGpole héberge des mondes virtuels (region par simulateur opensim)  et propose des locations de regions avec 15000 prims et droits proprietaire
Les régions en location peuvent être déjà aménagées (structure, mobilier,scripts) pour vous installer rapidement, ou nue si vous etes builder. 

Les options  activées sont : 

  • Voice Chat, 
  • Media on a prim, 
  • Moteur physic au choix: ODE ou Bulletsim, 
  • L'IRC sur la region sur demande.
Les services:

  • Choix libre du nom de la region
  • Choix libre de la position (x,y)
  • Import Export sauvegarde .OAR ou .TGZ,
  • Import forme terrain .RAW
  • Une sauvegarde de votre region est faite chaque mois. 
  • Les regions en location sont redemarrées chaque matin entre 06H00 et 08h00. 
  • Les mise a jours (version opensim) sont faites a votre demande.

Pour toutes informations :
Vous pouvez contacter: sirin Peccable, Natiala Seiling ou christesre Lem par notecard ou IM sur OSgrid
                                  Par mail : sirin.peccable@gmail.com

Ces territoires sont construit avec l'aide precieuse d'une communauté francaise "Archipel 3D" desireuse d’échanges de convivialités et de respects. 

Notre communauté "Archipel 3D" s'est retrouvée autour des valeurs et des objectifs communs et  similaires , aussi notre choix de la grille OSgrid correspond à notre vie de citoyen actifs des mondes virtuels. 

Notre page Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/sirinhgpole 
Pour SirinHGpole.
Sirin Peccable

Opensim & Hosting Features

Register your avatar

If you don’t have account to OSGrid you do create your account here: create account
It’s easy and free, if you used Second life,you can choose the seem first and second name.

Groups are used for a certain purpose for groups of people. Groups can be used to mainly distribute information within an interest group (instant messages or group notices). Or a group is used to control permissions for parcels of land or of objects. Groups can be open or closed. Closed groups do not allow users to add theirself to a group. This is important to keep in mind when you use a group to control access rights.


HyperGrid is a techology that allows teleport between different OpenSim grids and standalone regions. Both the originating and destination regions must have HyperGrid enabled. For HyperGrid teleports the destination's HyperGrid URL is specified as region name.
While visiting another virtual world, users take their appearance with them and they can access their inventory. The only restriction is that inventory items can only be deleted at the home grid. People can go shopping at other grids, unless the grid owner of that grid has disabled copying assets. Some grid owners do that to protect local contents from being transferred to other places.

OAR & IAR Files

You can use OAR files to save and restore the current region contents. OAR files store all rezzed prims (with or without assets), the terrain and all parcels, including all parcel settings. You can find these functions in the region control panel of each region.
You can use IAR files to save and restore the inventory contents of users. You can find these functions in the region control panel of each region.
OAR and IAR files are downloaded to your own computer, while database backup files are stored on our servers.

Offline Messages

Instant messages to users that are offline are stored. When that user logs in again, these messages get delivered. Instant messages are not sent to the email address of that user.

PayPal Money

Rent your OpenSim via PayPal.
PayPal Money is the only money solution that works for payments to rent a sim.

Physics Engine

The OpenSim physics engine simulates physical movements of objects and avatars. Currently the following physics engines are supported: Only one physics engine can be active for an OpenSim region. Currently nearly all OpenSim regions use ODE, because Bullet is not ready for use yet.

Prim Limit

Prim limits can be enforced. Because our pricing is based on memory usage and the given number of prims is just an average of what can be rezzed with that memory, we do not enforce prim limits by default. But users can request switching on prim limit enforcement. In that case only a defined number of prims can be rezzed on a parcel of land.


This option allows detailed user profiles: about text, interests, picks, classifieds, real life text and notes about users.


Our OpenSim regions support in-world scripting using the XEngine script engine and the LSL scripting language. C# scripting can also be enabled on request.

Search provides a grid wide search function for users, parcels, groups, objects, etc. Such items need to be marked to be included in the search data collection process that runs regularly. This means that such items appear in search with some delay.


We use dedicated, high performance servers for OpenSim to offer our hosting services. These servers with Intel Quad-Core processors .
That we use powerful dedicated servers and that each region runs on it's own OpenSim process guarantees top quality of our OpenSim hosting services.
Most of our competitors use virtualization technologies, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) or Cloud Computing, which are unsuitable for massively computing and memory intensive real time applications like virtual worlds. Or they run many OpenSim regions on the same OpenSim process, to simplify their administrative tasks on the cost of lower service quality and less stability.

Service Management

Service management also consists of manual tasks, like updating OpenSim to the latest stable OpenSim versions. All this is done regularly in the background.
In seldom cases it can be necessary to restart your OpenSim region manually. For this purpose you can contact in world or by email sirin Peccable.

Update Strategy

You can select the update strategy for your OpenSim regions and grids:
  • Defaut -Always use the latest OpenSim version,available on OSgrid, including the latest features and perhaps bug
  • Standard - A lways use the latest stable OpenSim version, including the latest features and bug fixes
  • Conservative - I prefer to use older OpenSim versions, that have proven to be very reliable

This way you can choose if you prefer regular updates versus even more stability and reliability.


In general OpenSim supports Second Life® compatible viewers. In practice some viewers work better than others. For example some viewers do not allow changing parcel media and voice settings.
  • Second Life 2.x compatible viewer (old): We recommend to use the latest Imprudence Viewer
  • If you need 3D meshes or web-on-prim: We recommend to use :

Viewer Software
Kokua Viewer Provided by the Kokua Development Team
Support available at http://kokuaviewer.org
3.4.5 (25935) Release Download (Windows): Kokua 3.4.5
Download (Linux): Kokua 3.4.5
Download (Linux x64): Kokua 3.4.5

Firestorm Viewer Provided by The Phoenix Firestorm Project, Inc.
Support available at http://www.phoenixviewer.com/
4.3.1 (31155) Release Download (Windows): Firestorm 4.3.1
Download (Linux): Firestorm 4.3.1
Download (Intel Mac): Firestorm 4.3.1

Singularity Viewer Provided by Siana Gearz
1.7.3 (3624) Release Download (Windows): Singularity 1.7.3
Download (Linux): Singularity 1.7.3
Download (Linux x64): Singularity 1.7.3
Download (Intel Mac): Singularity 1.7.3

Radegast Metaverse Client Provided by Latif Khalifa
Support available at http://radegast.org/wp/
2.6 Release Download (Windows Installer): Radegast Metaverse Client 2.6 (exe)
Download (Binary package for Linux, Windows): Radegast Metaverse Client 2.6 (zip)

Vivox Voice

Vivox voice has the advantage, that it works with all Second Life® based viewer without requiring any modification, because Second Life® also uses Vivox voice. It offers good voice quality and all important voice features (speaker indication, spacial sound, etc.).
On top Vivox offers additional features, like voice morphing, private voice conferences, etc., which currently are not available for OpenSim users using the free Vivox voice service.
Features supported by Vivox voice:
  • Public voice chat (two or more participants)
  • Private voice chat (two or more participants)
  • Spacial sound (volume attenuation based on distance)
  • Push-to-Talk
  • Individual volume
  • Mute controls
  • Speaker indication (who has voice and who is currently speaking)
  • Lip sync and voice gestures (viewer functionality)
  • No premium voice features (moderator functions, voice morphing, etc.)
Be aware, that there is no service level guaranteed for this free Vivox voice service. There is no guarantee for the functionality, capacity and availability of this service.


Voice implementations:
  • Vivox Voice
Only one voice system can be active for an OpenSim region. Vivox is most popular, either in the free version, or the commercially licensed version that provides a guaranteed service level.


With viewers that support web-on-prim, you can use this functionality to display web contents on sides on objects. This functionality works like in Second Life®.

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